Daily Prompt: Tame


Can You Tame a Cat?


Most of us think of the word Tame as in to tame a house pet, especially dogs.  Now why can’t cats be tamed?  Have you heard of a tame cat?  By that I mean a trained cat?  Can you say “Down” or “Stay” to a cat?  Can you say “Paw”?  She will stare at you with a quiet dignity (read, you stupid person!  I am not doing that!).

This feline rules the house.  Slinks her way unchecked through every room, perches on any surface, defiantly licking her paws and fixing her unflinching lynx eyes on you in total defiance.  She purrs and rubs her feline body against yours and then rightfully settles into your lap or on your favorite couch or bed.  You have to lift her up and set her majesty down …  a simple shooing off will only work with outside cats not the spoiled princesses of homes.

They come with inherent skills, like taking a nap when needed … no set time for them or asking permission.  They stretch their sleek bodies, relaxing and positioning them in ways that could make a yogi envious and as for meditation, they can stare for long spans of time at a bird’s nest, patiently waiting for the mother to fly away before leaping up a tree and snatching her baby.

Oh yes, you cannot take them for a walk … she would not permit a leash around her neck.  You can’t tame a cat.




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