Birth Day


Today is my Birth Day, the day I was birthed by my mother.  Over the years I have had different kinds of birth days – happy ones, not so happy ones (because of my own moods), meaningful ones.  Unlike one of my good friends, who just gathers all her female friends around her and openly exhorts all to celebrate her birthday, share good food and wine, I sort of wished the day was over soon so I could get back to my normal day.

I have often wondered about this, exploring every possible reason I could come up with but they all fell short of coming up with an explanation satisfactory to me.  Today, as I once again have come upon that day, I woke up with a strange feeling of welcoming it.  I thought I was making it up in my head, trying to be positive but no, it was genuine.

I have so much love, caring and kindness surrounding me in my life.  I see goodness in all of us when we make someone’s life a little happier, a little more comfortable, a little more hopeful.  A daily miracle.

For these gifts I thank the lady who carried my growing life force within her for 9 months until she finally released me into this beautiful world!

Thank you Mum, and Happy Birth Day to both of us!


2 thoughts on “Birth Day

  1. With the world so upside down these days, it’s wonderful to see the gratitude shining through your lovely words. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from your birthday soul sister!


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