Opaque ( Daily Prompt)


We were on a family trip to Napa Valley, California and after touring that beautiful wine country we did the round-trip on the Skunk Train and were heading back to Los Angeles by car.

My sister-in-law loves board games and brought some along to pass some time in the car. She introduced me to a new one called “Mastermind”.   If you are not familiar with it here’s how it goes.  She would set up 4 different colored marbles in a certain order behind an opaque divider.  Then I had to guess the order of the marbles she had set up according to color, i.e. blue, green, yellow, red .

After a few wrong guesses on both our parts I realized that when the sun hit the car from a certain angle, I was vaguely able to see the colors in a hazy fashion through the opaque divider.  I was on to something!  Since I was getting a little bored in the car, I decided to make it interesting…for me, not for her!  I also have to admit to having some psychic prowess (hit and miss variety) of which she was aware so I started making these predictions about the color order of the marbles stating every once in a while “Wow, I think I’m feeling psychic!”

She was impressed and for the next 3 – 4 years she spread the word about that incident!  Until one Christmas Eve when everyone was warmed and happy with the wine we played a game of “Confession”.  You guessed it … my Mastermind game with the opaque divider on that trip was my confession.  Someone was not happy!  Mea Culpa.







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