Nuance-a subtle difference in shade


I first learned about nuances in shading when I took sketching classes.  My teacher Tim would stand behind each of us and suggest squinting to observe the subtle shades of black and grey in the sketch we were copying.

There were the darkest areas, easy to observe.  Within each dark area were medium and light shades, almost fading to a grey white.  I got lost in these nuances of color , alternately keeping my eyes wide open and squinting to catch the subtlety of the shades.

I remember thinking about life and how nothing is really black and white or even grey for that matter.  Everything seems to be shaded, nothing carved in stone.  As I stood back and looked at my sketch Tim came over and said “Frame that one”.  It was satisfying on both the level of accomplishment as well as embracing life as it is … nuanced.


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