Ruminate – on life and why we are here


Ruminate…to think deeply about something.  Also, Chew on something…same meaning, except that I just learned that the English word derives from the Latin ruminari, which in turn derives from “rumen,” the Latin name for the first stomach compartment of ruminant animals (that is, creatures like cows that chew their cud).   Interesting!

I ruminate on my life and why am I here?   Why the particular parents I had?  Why was it meaningful that they met (fate?) and had me as their child?  Why in that family, why in that country? Why do I engage with certain people right away?  What is my purpose in this life?  Do we really need to have a purpose?  We can spend hours and hours in our lifetimes spinning theories about our purpose.  I once asked a radio psychic, very respected person from England, what my purpose was in this lifetime.  After hearing him tell other listeners about altruistic purposes for their being in this world, I waited for 20 minutes on the line to hear him say something really mind blowing to me.   My hands were clammy on the telephone receiver when he said “Hello”.

“Your purpose in this lifetime is to be Mother…not only to your own family but to many others who will need you in this role.”  “Oh” I said, “Is that all?” and hung up.  No famous future for me I thought at that time and went about my business, disappointed.

Fast forward several years and I still ruminate about that short conversation with the psychic.  He was right.  I did play that role for others besides my immediate family and in those moments I did give the psychic his due.  Ruminate – on life and why we are here




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