Writing 101: Unlock the Mind


9:13 am.  So I have until 9:29 am.  Anyway, I better begin.  Images of the Van Gogh to Kandisky exhibit at LACMA  are still with me.  Loved the colors and intricate paintings of Kandisky… kind of looking at a “Where’s Wally” picture.  Had to stand back several times to catch the human images embedded in the swirl of colors, criss-crossing lines and geometric images.  I skipped all the “traditional” paintings of pale, insipid landscapes saying to myself “Nope, skip, skip, skip, aaahh!  Looks at the colors!’. Learned enough about Fauvism to figure out that I had unknowingly been using that style in painting my masks.  Wow!  what a discovery … I mean I thought all along that my choice of colors was pretty wild but there was a method to my madness … albeit I did not know it.  I feel like my soul has been fed for a while. Today I feel satisfied that an important part of me was cared for by ME.  I know it will last for a while. Like the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey” which by the way I saw for the 4th time!  Why did I do that?  It fed some part of me … the warm yet feisty family ties, the soul of cooking, the sweet, unintended coming together of Marguerite and Hassan, the blending of two cultures and the seductive scenes of food preparations.  Every one who has seen the movie with me has expressed at the end of it … “I am hungry!”  or “I want to go home and cook with soul”. Okay enough of this as I have to go for my workout and also later to my office. Wish I could do this all day.  Have to seriously protect my time and space.  Trying, trying.  Maybe one of these days.  I have a small canvas. Perhaps this evening I could try an image and go nuts with the colors!.


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