In Greek mythology Theseus was the heroic prince who liberated princess  Adriane from the labyrinth of the Minotaur (half-creature half-man) after slaying it.  



We all have moments in our lives or The Moment in our lives, when  we encounter someone symbolizing Theseus or some circumstance symbolizing Theseus  who dares to  take our hand, turns life around and liberates us from the internal labyrinths that we have roamed for so many years, lost and looking for the exit.

Sometimes there is more than one Theseus and these heroes have appeared at different times in our lives to show us the way out of the different labyrinths in which we are stuck and confused. They help us out of that dark, confusing space by gently guiding us toward the right path in the maze and lead us out to clarity.  They empower us with knowledge of our latent strength and aver its potency, something that we have either  chosen to ignore or have accepted an image of ourselves … albeit foisted on us.

There have been different Theseus’ in my life … some rescuing me from peripheral spaces in the labyrinth so that I have seen the exit and hastened to it.   However, it is the  brave Theseus who has rescued me from the deeper recesses of the labyrinth of my mind, spaces which were comfortable in some ways … enough to make me settle for the darkness, hesitant to  leave them because I did not know any better place. These are the heroes who bravely crossed the seemingly impenetrable lines we often  draw around ourselves, and entered unknown, private terrain to lead me out to the sunshine.

These were souls that could not bear to see me unfulfilled, believed in me and risked their being pushed away. But that is why they are heroes who take chances to  lead others to discovering the light within themselves.   Perhaps you also have experienced this phenomenon.

Who or what was your Theseus?



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