A Five Minute Story – A Story about Running




She was walking, wearing a pair of shorts and a comfortable pair of sneakers.  The road  was mostly level but at some point  it gently sloped upwards.    Her stride was strong and then  she felt this urge to jog, so she broke out slowly, feeling the pavement connect and disconnect  but in a wonderfully  lifting way.  This gave way to a run and she was free, each long stride making her leap away from the previous one and the movement was just propelling her forward,  faster and faster till she settled into a comfortable rhythm, regular breathing, feeling lighter and lighter, more and more confident.

 People were looking at her with admiration as she passed other runners on the road,  just propelling, propelling all the way.  She was the fastest runner … only in her dream .  

 Actually she was flat footed and thought she ran “funny”.



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