He was strong as a horse, warm and brown in color, stood squarely, raced like a horse, jumped more than 5 ft. in the air for treats, barked like crazy, raced around in the yard and snarled and threatened every dog or cat on the beat when he went for a walk.

Today, twelve years later, he is having a particularly bad day.  He has soiled the blanket in the cage, slipped several times on the tiled kitchen floor, as he makes his way out in the morning to the backyard, where he does his daily business.  No longer able to lift and sustain his arthritic, rear hind legs  he simply stands and lets the urine flow from him,   zigzagging in a pattern as he walks aimlessly across the lawn.  He slowly makes his way back to the water bowl, gets a few gulps, ignores the dry food and finding  a shady place in the back, under the lemon tree, he hunkers down in the mud.

Life is just not what it used to be.  It has become an endless round, these past four days, of blood tests, lab work etc.  There is an air of finality and sadness around him.  His eyes already know something.


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