SUN and Shadows



SUN AND Shadows

SUN!  Flaming Orange,  brilliant,  exposing , yang, strong,  

masculine, harsh, unrelenting, burning, yellow, orange, red, hot, dry.


Shadows– Dim, cool, mysterious, repose of secrets, hiding, murky, 

soothing, wet moss, ferns, cool shade.


SUN –  mercilessly burning   the brown back of a cornfield toiler, on a  

lost soul in the desert, a coolie  pulling a covered rickshaw, muscles

 straining , hauling  his elite cargo, sitting  in  the  shadowy  interior,  fanning

 her hot face.


SUN  is also the renowned son enthralling global audiences, the world

 at his feet, soaking up the sunshine of his music that he renders with

a brilliance.


Shadows is also the once-renowned father, who is now content to witness 

the success of his brilliant son,  whose love for music he once nurtured in the

 warm,  sunshine of his youth.


Inseparable – SUN and shadows.




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