While I use email and texting a great deal, for me they are a quick and easy alternative to connect versus the cell-phone.  My idea of connecting is to sit face to face or even side by side, immersing myself in conversation, laughter, being silly on purpose, spaces of silence and just, well … connecting.  My biggest peeve is when the cell-phones are continuously checked for messages and sometimes visits to the restroom are the excuse for doing the same!  I know, I know …  it doesn’t escape me.  It also makes me feel like the person doesn’t want to be there.  Connections missed …

I was heading to work in my car the other day.  To my left, a convertible Mercedes sports car.   To my right a middle-aged man, sitting on a brick wall, eyes closed and face upturned to the sun for warmth.

In the Mercedes, an Asian woman driving and a cute little boy in the backseat.  She was staring at the road, earphones plugged in, disconnected from the little boy in the backseat.  The little boy in the backseat  was disconnected from the woman (must be mother) driving the car.  He was staring down at something on his lap, earphones plugged in, too. The Mercedes occupants were connected to gadgets and disconnected from each other. That moment to connect was lost forever.

The middle-aged man on the brick wall was disconnected from humanity but connected to the elements and something higher, judging from the serene expression on his face.

Just got me thinking … that is all.




2 thoughts on “Disconnected

    • How kind of you to ask! Believe it or not I was compelled to disconnect(!) for a while because I had two bouts of
      health-related issues, not serious, but enough to make me withdraw for a while and recharge my batteries.
      You will not believe this, because it is too woo-woo for some people, but just this morning I felt the need to get back into blogging and your comment confirmed it.
      I have been reading all your posts and enjoying them … later mulling over them.


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