Wrong Man in Prison … Karma or System Gone Wrong?


Entry dated November 9, 2013 from my journal:

An article in the Los Angeles Times dated  November 8, 2013 stated that a 53-year-old man, falsely accused of shooting a man to death 34 years ago was declared innocent and set free.  It was not a case of  wrong time, wrong place because he was not even there!  He was with his girlfriend at home.  How about one man’s destiny decided by a false witness and authorities who allegedly suppressed information.

He was only 19 then.  34 years in prison!  What does it do to a helpless, innocent soul?  He paid for his unwavering non-admittance of guilt and belief in his innocence .  “It appears that the only reason that I have been consistently denied parole is because I have maintained my innocence” he once told the  board, court papers said.

Ultimately, he left the prison with his integrity intact, his reinforced belief both in himself and a Higher Power which unleashed the forces of Truth in the ethers and like a domino effect they finally reached him, knocking  down  the walls which had imprisoned him. 

The sister of the witness was looking up a website of convicted felons and typed in his name and found that he was still in prison. She tracked down the detective who was on his case and shared with him that her sister’s accusation was a lie, something that they had tried to bring out but was suppressed.  The case was reopened, the facts were aired and he was acquitted.

It is scary to think that you could be possibly mistaken for a criminal, thrown and forgotten in prison with no hope at the young age of 19.  Was it coincidence, luck, miracle, faith rewarded, a mother’s prayers answered?  What led the sister after all these years, to find a website for convicted felons, find the detective, straighten the record and set him free?  Hand of the Divine?  

Karma with one sister who had him falsely imprisoned and Karma also with the other sister who freed him.

O Fortuna!


2 thoughts on “Wrong Man in Prison … Karma or System Gone Wrong?

  1. I have wondered about the same thing many a times. It is hard to explain any fairness in this game called life, though often I have seen that the events are connected in some invisible way that may extend even beyond our lifetime. Or at least that is my faith.


    • Yes, well put. It is either brickbats or roses and duck and hide for the former, accept graciously with a smile for the latter! Not easy to hide either so I develop a thick hide. Seriously, I love the philosophy of Karma. It makes sense to me and I grew up with this however, at that time I just accepted as an eye for an eye kind of phenomenon. Life has pounded, shaped and molded me and I have also gleaned that this Karma thing is not only meant to reward or punish but to give an opportunity to redeem the situation, reduce the debits and augment the credits. I hope to leave with my balance in the black!


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