YIN AND YANG – Balance within Life


An entry dated July 13, 2013 from my journal reads –

“I feel I must balance the seriousness of the writing with the pure fun and abandonment of mask-making .  They are two different activities requiring two different states of mind.  I need to balance them.  Yin and Yang the perfect balance.  Yin, soft, feminine,cool, dark, wet, receiving, waiting, always there, soothing, nourishing, comforting.   Yang, hard, fiery, masculine, driving, accomplishing, doing, directing, leading.   We witness this phenomenon even in nature.    Each one is following its own natural prompting,  its own inner path, true to their separate natures … Yin being Yin and Yang being Yang.  Where Yang drives and leads, Yin accepts, feeling protected, nurtured, cherished and adored.  Yin is accepting of direction even in nature and in the nature of things .  When these two forces are balanced in relationships, in work ,  and even within oneself  the outcome just unfolds with no effort.  Strive for Yin and Yang within myself.”


2 thoughts on “YIN AND YANG – Balance within Life

  1. “I feel I must balance the seriousness of the writing with the pure fun and abandonment of mask-making.” This is such a profound line, but balance is so hard to attain and then maintain.


    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I feel I must balance but the struggle continues. There are spurts of writing and then very creative spurts of mask-painting but never a balance.
      One or the other is neglected for periods of time. Two years ago I had achieved a kind of equalization where one fed the other but then there was the blight. Recently, through the blog writing I am beginning to feel the stirrings of ideas for the mask images again and hopefully I will once again be dipping my brushes into colorful acrylics.


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