Where is Peace Found?


Entry dated July 7, 2012 from my journal:

“Headlines in newspapers sensational!  Thoughts of others are assaulting.  What about our own thoughts? Assaults on the mind from left, right and center.  Travel ads that remind me I’m missing out on “fun”, suggesting that life is boring without travelling.  I have travelled but there has been a big pause lately!  So for the time being I am happy with Rick Steve!  Headlines, back to headlines.  Murders, rapes, gang shootouts, boob jobs, infidelities of the rich and famous, who screwed who, umpteen articles on weight loss how to’s targeted to a nation of a considerable number of couchbound boob-tube watchers and large-portion eaters.    Sensational headlines magnify what is currently happening and filling one’s head with fear, hatred and indulgence.  This is everywhere and in all nations.

So, I often think where is peace found?  Do we have the power to create our own peace?  Yes I can create my own oasis of peace within areas of my home and most importantly within myself.  We are born peaceful souls and this is our original nature through many lifetimes.  Tapping into this most important piece of knowledge I sometimes do experience this feeling for a fleeting moment.  I long to sustain it for a long time and yes, would it not be nice if I could do this forever?  Well that would make me a saint!  I’ll settle for several fleeting moments.  It would keep me in a peaceful mode where love, happiness, peace and caring would be all that mattered.  Oh to be still within, a fountain where peace can be found and thirst quenched.  But to think that there is no thirst for anything in the first place.  Just contentment with what is.  “



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