“The Pen was/is My Friend”



Thought from my Daily Journal

I remember I was very bookish as a child and did not actively seek out the company of people.  Even when with them I would be a keen observer, have uncanny intuition  and was wildly imaginative!  Perhaps that is why I enjoy writing.  The pen was/is my friend.  I loved to note thoughts and scribble quotations. To me,  the ideas flowing from someone’s pen onto crisp blank sheets was sheer magic and often wondered where they sprang from,  how the  words strung together made sense and above all,   they   said it  in just two lines of well-chosen words! I strive to   express my feelings so succinctly.  One has to process deeply within the lab of themselves and consequently the  resultant prose is a distilled and pristine response.   I try, I try.


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