Thought from my…


Thought from my Daily Journal
“All of life is like a movie you have not seen yet but anticipate with such eagerness. What will the movie of life bring? Just buy a ticket, pick a great seat, settle down and prepare to be surprised, delighted and at times, sad and take away with you whatever you feel is good for you, either to learn from or cherish in your darkest hours. It would be great to have this attitude every morning as the sky lightens and gently draws the curtains opening to a new day, a new act in a play, a new movie, a new experience. A fresh way of looking at life and its daily unfolding, day after day, life after life.”


2 thoughts on “Thought from my…

  1. What a lovely thought! My question, however, would be: are directors of our own movie or merely actors with a script and a mandate to enact it the best we can? 🙂


    • Sorry I took so long. I had to mull over this one before I replied. I think we are actors with a script. I speak for myself of course. Sure, if we want to make the best of this role handed to us we have to give the performance of our lives!


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