Reflections at a Funeral


My friend’s mother died three days ago. Illness had claimed her for three years and changed the face and life of this once happy, bubbly and caring lady.  As the John Deere truck’s shovel poured the dirt on top of the coffin that had already been lowered into its space  I let go the tears that would not heed me, but fought hard to control the sobs that were threatening to leave my throat and explode out there in agony.

I know that we all have heard of the cliché at these moments – “We really do not take our possessions with us etc.”.  But still, this thought does enter one’s mind again and again as we sit respectfully with love at funeral services.  So this was no exception again for me as I went through the mental inventory as I watched her daughter, son-in-law, grandson and several close friends, some weeping silently and others who grieved loudly, proclaiming their loss and sadness.

Once again it hit home how short our lifespan is, is there enough time left to do all the things I want to, have I done enough good in this world, why is it so  darned important for me to have everything in order in my life and my home before I start addressing the “bucket list” that has so many items yet unchecked?!  Why can’t I just plunge into the activities that would leave a lasting imprint on humanity instead of being  foolishly focused on having my house in order . . . like the renovations I was planning room by room!  I was thinking, “Who really cares about my home at that moment? But we are so conditioned.  I remember my mother saying “If I die in the house, make sure you do not open my clothes cupboard  in front of the visitors.  It may not be organized.”  And yet, when she did die and all the neighbors and family came flocking in to pay their respects, my sister said everything was here and there because of it being early morning and the house not fixed up yet.   So you see?  ….the best laid plans …

Anyway I was once again awakened to this truth during these services.  It has been four days since then  and I have it uppermost in my mind.  I’m sure in a few days I will be my old self again, thinking I have all the time in the world!  Why do we need to attend funerals to learn this truth?


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