This is a blog about my thoughts and observations culled from my journal … handwrittenonly !    I am an observer of  life, people  and situations, me muddling through my personal challenges  and my musings about these make their way into the daily pages of my journal .

There is a connection between the pen and the page that is personal and those original thoughts, for me, have magic when set down on paper before they materialize on the computer screen.  Thoughts flow faster and unstoppable through my pen onto paper.

Some of my writings go back to India, my country of origin . Some of them are comments on the day-to-day life in the USA .  Books are my life.  They feed my soul.  I’m always reading 3 books at a time! Curling up on the sofa with a good book, a cup of chai (the Indian way with mint leaves, lemon grass, tea, milk and sugar (Stevia pour moi)  and the sound of rain drenching the garden is my idea of bliss!

I love music and movies of different genres from different cultures, meditation,  and signing my name on lists for good causes, especially in the areas of women, children, animals and the environment  in any part of the world.      I paint mask images on wood when the inspiration surfaces and have produced two large wall hangings.  I observe color combinations in nature and art and am constantly clicking images.  Did I mention I am mesmerized by stunning sunsets and pretty moonlit nights?   I also engage in games like crossword puzzles, Ken Ken, Sudoku and Lumosity that sharpen my mind and stretch those dendrites to make the leaps to  discover  logic to solve the problems.

So there you have me.  A mixed bag for sure!

4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for following my posts! I was reading your post regarding the deplorable lack of decent public restrooms which largely contribute to the common practice of peeing in public places in the Desh. So it is still the same … I have not visited India in the last 13 years. Just last night I had family and friends over for Thanksgiving and the conversation turned to (as it invariably does) when each of us had last visited India.
      One person was convinced that India was definitely hip now like the western world in terms of gastronomic variety offered in restaurants in Mumbai. It rankled me that this is it?? This factoid is supposed to impress me? I mentioned that were many social issues that still were not being addressed and was shot down! I’m giggling now thinking that if I had mentioned the public urinating problem I would have started a mini war!! Anyway, enjoyed the post from you and look forward to more.

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